1% of IT Threats are Getting Through

Learn how to close the final gap between your attackers and your data

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What’s the problem with modern antivirus?

It’s a hard reality to face, but the truth is your attackers will always beat most forms of endpoint protection.

With inevitable application vulnerabilities, machine learning that’s easily deceived, and the advantage of unpredictability, taking your protection from almost completely secure to 100% protected just isn’t possible without a fundamentally different approach. 

From Microsoft and application isolation and control specialists Bromium, ‘Closing The 1% Gap That Costs You Millions’ is an unflinching look at the realities of cyber security and the huge cost that just 1% of threats represents.

It’s also a practical guide to Bromium’s game-changing micro-virtualisation and how Bromium Secure Platform can close the gap – while improving your threat intelligence and reducing your costs.

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Why modern threats just aren't detected by signature-based security solutions

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How machine learning tries - and fails - to keep up with polymorphic malware

Why the best way to detect malware is to let it execute securely

The total savings you could make by combining Microsoft Defender and Bromium on your endpoints

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About Bromium

Protecting IP at the endpoint, Bromium provides game-changing virtualisation-based security that eliminates the need for detection and signature libraries. Instead, Bromium's micro-VMs isolate every activity, regardless of detection. As a result, even malware that finds its way onto an endpoint is unable to escape. To date, Bromium has deployed more than 2 billion micro-VMs - with no escapes reported.



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