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What’s the problem?

According to IBM, one client currently runs 85 different security tools from 45 different vendors. It’s a time-consuming, resource-intensive process – and, frighteningly, most tools only offer variants on the same methodology: detection.

As attackers and their attacks become more sophisticated and new threats appear faster than vendors can update their signature libraries, playing catch-up isn’t enough. We all need innovative new solutions to get one step ahead of attackers.

From the expert analysts at IDC, Validating the Known calls for a different form of protection – one that removes the guesswork and keeps businesses more secure. From application isolation to whitelisting and file sanitisation, ‘validating the known’ means securing your network based on the few things you can know for sure.

You’ll also learn about the traits of effective application isolation, from where isolation should take place to the importance of an invisible experience that doesn’t affect end-users.

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Why validating the known should be on every security professional's radar

Key facts about leading vendors including Bromium

Learn more about Bromium Secure Platform in 155 seconds

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About Bromium

Protecting IP at the endpoint, Bromium provides game-changing virtualisation-based security that eliminates the need for detection and signature libraries. Instead, Bromium's micro-VMs isolate every activity, regardless of detection. As a result, even malware that finds its way onto an endpoint is unable to escape. To date, Bromium has deployed more than 2 billion micro-VMs - with no escapes reported.


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