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What’s the problem?

Detective forms of endpoint security continue to fail on an enterprise scale. Unique malware strains find their way into networks via the endpoint and no amount of detection or whitelisting can work.

At the same time, when endpoint security does manage to keep malware out, it’s an imperfect, immature approach at best – one that lets valuable threat intelligence slip away before it can be used to improve your defence.

Securing the Modern Endpoint: The SANS Security Model is a detailed look at why detection-based security doesn’t work - why the nature of today’s threat and the ones that will appear tomorrow render signature libraries redundant.

It’s also a guide to the SANS Security Model: the five levels of an endpoint security approach, and the traits of a ‘proactive, comprehensive, continuous and measurable’ solution. So you can see how your current security stacks up – and what it takes to truly keep your endpoints secure.

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The six traits of SANS Maturity Level 5 Endpoint Security

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Why detection-based security is mathematically proven to-fail

How an ethos of ‘isolate, contain and control’ represents the next step in endpoint security

How Bromium’s game-changing application isolation maps to the highest level of the SANS model

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About Bromium

Protecting IP at the endpoint, Bromium provides game-changing virtualisation-based security that eliminates the need for detection and signature libraries. Instead, Bromium's micro-VMs isolate every activity, regardless of detection. As a result, even malware that finds its way onto an endpoint is unable to escape. To date, Bromium has deployed more than 2 billion micro-VMs - with no escapes reported.

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