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Understand the Financial Side of Cybercrime

With the exception of the occasional hacktivist, we know cyber criminals are typically driven by financial gain. Even as a conservative estimate, the cybercrime economy is worth at least $1.5 trillion.

But as we attempt to unravel this growing economy, very little work has been done to understand the financial side of cybercrime by going directly to the source – the convicted and active cybercriminals themselves.

Written by criminology expert Dr. Michael McGuire and sponsored by security specialists Bromium, Into the Web of Profit is a comprehensive study of the cybercrime economy, prepared after a year of research with over 100 cybercriminals and agencies like the Home Office Cybercrime Research Unit.

It's a look behind the curtain at the role of money in attacks, what happens when a ransom is paid or intellectual property is stolen, and why solutions that focus on specific types of attack are becoming less and less effective.

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Into the Web of Profit
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