Software procurement is changing

Is your level of visibility keeping up?

Discover the cost, governance and security implications that any CIO needs to be aware of as spending shifts from IT to individual business units.

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What Decentralized IT Spending Means for the CIO's Role
A report from IDG and Snow Software

In Snow Software’s new report, you’ll hear from 450 IT leaders on the impact of the shift to SaaS, IaaS and cloud spending on the CIO role.

From freedom to focus on adding strategic value to deep concerns about visibility and licensing, it’s your guide to the challenges you’ll inevitably face in the coming months – and how to overcome them.

Get your free copy now to get ahead of the change and start planning how you’ll stay in control. 

Get your copy to learn:

Why 78% of leaders say decentralised spending is good for business.


How cloud spending results in increased risk to data security.

Cloud Spending

The six biggest challenges CIOs face in the era of cloud software.


How Snow Software is helping CIOs drive visibility.


Why Choose Snow Software?

Snow Software provides visibility into cloud usage and spend across both IaaS and SaaS deployments, enabling cost optimisation and reducing security and compliance risks.

With Snow Software, the invisible becomes visible, so you can optimise your cloud investment across the enterprise and maintain a holistic view across your hybrid infrastructure.

Improve your cloud software visibility
Download your Snow Software and IDG report NOW

What's the problem?

Increasingly, spending on software takes place at a business unit level. IT leaders have less control than ever over how and where budget is spent – but they’re still ultimately responsible for costs, compliance and security.

The new report reveals just how many leaders are struggling to stay in control, leaving themselves exposed to audits and unexpected costs. As a result, you can benchmark your visibility against other organisations – and start updating your processes to fit the challenges you face. 

What Decentralized IT Spending Means for the CIO's Role

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