Endpoint Application Discovery Tool for Windows

Find the insecure applications on your network in just a few clicks

What will this tool do for me?
Identify every Windows app on your endpoints and learn which are vulnerable to attack with a detailed management-ready report.

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Endpoint Application Discovery Tool for Windows

If you don't know about every application on every endpoint, you can never hope to close the vulnerabilities that your attacks want to exploit. That's why as many as 85% of breaches involve compromised endpoints - because that's where you're most likely to miss something.

With this tool, you're always in absolute control of your endpoints - and one step ahead of the attackers.

Here's what you'll get from this tool:

Identify every application on your Windows endpoints, then check for known vulnerabilities.


Save time with fast, automated reporting and no need to install an agent on every endpoint.

Save Time

Get a simple, colour-coded report on your biggest risk areas - or details of every discovered application.

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Get lifetime coverage with the ability to re-run the tool whenever your need to - it's free forever.

Free Forever

Why Choose Thycotic?

Thycotic is the leading provider of cloud-ready privilege management solutions.

Thycotic's security tools empower over 10,000 organisations, from small businesses to the Fortune 500, to limit privileged account risk, implement least privilege, control applications and demonstrate compliance.

Close the gaps in your applications that attackers are looking for
Endpoint Application Discovery Tool for Windows Report
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