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Free eBook: Least Privilege Cybersecurity for dummies

An essential introduction to least privilege and successful implementation

What will I learn from this eBook?
Understand why least privilege security is so vital in securing your business - and get a practical roadmap for your own least privilege plan.

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What's the problem?

IT environments include a huge number of privileged accounts, many of which are used daily by applications, services and systems – and many of which are unknown and unmonitored. They’re prime targets for hackers and cybercriminals, often the first step in widespread network access. 

See why least privilege is becoming so essential – and how to implement it successfully in your organisation


Least Privilege Cybersecurity for dummies

Whether you’re looking for a basic introduction or advice on implementing least privilege without disrupting productivity, this free ebook gives you the advantage of Thycotic’s specialist expertise – delivered in the simple and straightforward 'for dummies' format.

From useful reminders to proven tips and techniques, it’s a handy starting point for least privilege inside your organisation.

Get your copy to learn:

Why least privilege must always start from a position of zero trust

Five ways to make least privilege successful for you 

How to make sense of critical assets & related privileged accounts

Which free tools can make enforcing least privilege easier

Joseph Carson

About the Author

Joseph Carson has over 25 years' experience in enterprise security, author of Privileged Account Management for dummies  and Cybersecurity for dummies, and is a cyber security professional and ethical hacker. Joseph is a cyber security advisor to several governments, critical infrastructure, financial and transportation industries, speaking at conferences globally.

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Least Privilege Cybersecurity for dummies
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