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Report on open shares and stale data faster with a free tool from Lepide

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Scan your Windows File Servers to see stale objects, open shares and how exposed you are to breaches and data leaks.

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Get instant clarity on your unstructured data

Every open share is a potential way for attackers to get into your unstructured data, or data to leak out into the wider world. Worse, stale data on your Windows File Servers is an exposure that could be easily resolved by moving data to an archive.

Lepide’s Open Shares and Stale Data Tool is a free way to generate at-a-glance reports on your shares and stale data – so you can spot the fundamental security loopholes that could put your sensitive data at risk.

Whether you’re already concerned about your data – or just need confirmation that you’re doing a great job – run the tool and see how your numbers stack up.

Get your free tool to:

Scan your Windows File Server shares in minutes.


See the number and size of stale objects in your environment.


Define your own time period after which data becomes stale.


Export ready-made reports to demonstrate compliance.


It’s time to listen to what your unstructured data is telling you.


About lepide

Specialists in Data-Centric Audit and Protection (DCAP), Lepide understands the ripple effect of disorganised, inaccurate and hard to monitor data. With LepideAuditor, it’s easy to bring data together under a single point of control and governance – not just Active Directory accounts, but every system and data repository, on-premise and in the cloud.


See every open share and where you could close access down.

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Lepide Free Tool: Open Shares & Stale Data

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