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The Pace of the Malware Threat is Impossible to Keep Up With

Partner with Bromium to give your customers game-changing security that finally gets them ahead of the attackers


While attackers, attack vectors, and malware specimens are always changing, cyber security often stays the same. A dependence on signature databases make it impossible for your customers to truly break ground and protect their data against threats before attackers even think of them.

Bromium Partner Playbook

For resellers, Bromium presents a unique opportunity to offer a solution that's innovative and different - secure, virtualised security to isolate untrusted applications, so even the most malignant malware is contained and disarmed.

Get your Bromium Partner Playbook to see why the pace of the threat is impossible to keep up with - and how partnering with Bromium lets you bring a more sophisticated security solution to your customers.

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Partner with Bromium
And start selling game-changing next-generation security

Bromium Secure Platform is a fundamental rethink of how cyber security should work - it's protection that's built for the real world, without dependence on known threat signatures or end-user behaviour.

Threat Intelligence

Protect your customers' network against malware, ransomware APTs, spear phishing, zero-day exploits and app vulnerabilities...

Get ahead

Give your customers the advantage of threat intelligence gathered on their endpoints...

Improve your customers' visibility of real-time monitoring without the need for a costly back end system...

Get your customers ahead of the attackers by disarming even never-before-seen zero-day attacks...

with Bromium

with Bromium

with Bromium

with Bromium

Why Partner with Bromium and Alpha Generation?

Just as Bromium is a fresh approach to security, Alpha Generation is taking a fresh approach to partnerships - a focused, close relationship where resellers get the practical support you need to make the most of the opportunity at hand.

As a Bromium partner, you'll get:


Service opportunities so you can drive revenue from implementations


Excellent margins designed to reward early Bromium partners

Deal registration and protection, so you're always rewarded for your hard work

A suite of partner resources including ready-made marketing campaigns to help deliver leads

Ongoing sales training, technical training, and marketing support

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Bromium Partner Playbook

Download your Bromium Partner Playbook now to get a useful, all-in-one guide to the scale of the Bromium opportunity - and how
Alpha Gen can help you make the most of it.

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