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Every business is a potential DDoS target

Partner with Corero and give your customers the award-winning DDoS protection they need


DDoS attacks are nothing new, but the way they work has changed. Easier to deploy and more effective than ever, they’re no longer a worry for huge corporations alone. Today, every business is at risk.

For resellers, that creates a huge opportunity to generate new revenue by providing effective, real-time DDoS detection and mitigation.

In the Corero Partner Playbook, we’ll talk you through the key challenges your customers are facing around DDoS and how the right technology can help.

Become a Corero Partner.
And start selling innovative DDoS appliances

Corero’s SmartWall Threat Defense System (TDS) is designed to protect businesses of all sizes against modern DDoS attacks. Across a range of appliances, SmartWall TDS delivers fast, highly responsive mitigation in a competitively priced, 1 RU form-factor unit.

Mitigate in seconds, not minutes

Mitigate in seconds, not minutes
Modern DDoS attacks are short and intense – so SmartWall Threat Defense System is built for sub-second mitigation for maximum protection

Improve traffic visibility

Improve traffic visibility
With SecureWatch Analytics, Corero gives your customers powerful ways to turn traffic data into real intelligence

Scalable Protection

Scalable protection
As your customers’ estates grow, give them the option to scale their DDoS protection with Corero’s modular approach

Flexible financing options
Bringing DDoS protection to everyone

To help partners close more deals and remove budget as a barrier to making the sale, Corero offers a choice of purchase options – all funded in-house.

If your customers can’t warrant an outright purchase, just move DDoS protection from CAPEX to OPEX and resell a convenient monthly financing package.

Why partner with Corero

With a history of innovation in the DDoS space, Corero is the obvious choice for leading mitigation technology. And it doesn’t stop there.

As a Corero Partner, you’ll benefit from extensive support from both Corero and Alpha Generation, including:

A Partner Portal packed with useful materials for your sales and marketing

Lead tracking and deal registration to reward your sales efforts

Expert technical support and managed services

Co-marketing opportunities to help you close on qualified sales leads

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Corero Partner Playbook

Download the Corero Partner Playbook to learn more about the opportunities to sell better DDoS protection to your customers.

Corero Partner Playbook