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What will I learn?
Learn which attack vectors are most popular, how they work, and get practical strategies for protecting against them.

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Free eBook: Popular Cyber Attack Methods

Effective IT security starts with a thought-out, well-informed strategy. In Popular Cyber Attack Methods and How to Mitigate Them, you’ll get the advantage of expertise from Lepide’s specialist team.

From social engineering to DDoS attacks, it’s an unflinching look at why certain attack vectors work so well and the type of security you need to defend your business in the places attackers love.

So you can build your understanding, see whether your existing strategy matches up, or start exploring ways to ready your business for what today’s attacks really look like. 

Get your copy to learn:

Which types of attack criminals are actually using.


Why alerting is such a crucial element of any security solution.


How your users play an increasingly big role in your security.


How to prevent the types of attack that are most likely to happen.

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What's the Problem?

Cyber criminals are always changing their tactics. As IT security improves in one area, they turn their attention to a vector that’s more exposed. As a result, what constitutes effective protection is always changing in response to attacker trends.

Popular Cyber Attack Methods and How to Mitigate Them is a timely briefing on the attacks you’re most likely to face and, crucially, what you should be doing to reduce your exposure and keep your data safe. 

Target your protection where your business is the most exposed.


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Specialists in Data-Centric Audit and Protection (DCAP), Lepide understands the ripple effect of disorganised, inaccurate and hard to monitor data. With LepideAuditor, it’s easy to bring data together under a single point of control and governance – not just Active Directory accounts, but every system and data repository, on-premise and in the cloud.


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