Privileged Account Incident Response Plan Template

In the event of an attack, respond quickly with a customised action plan

What will I get from this plan?
Based on best-practice, the Thycotic Incident Response Plan is an easy way to formalise and accelerate your response to compromised credentials.

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Privileged Account Incident Response Plan Template

Your free Incident Response Plan Template combines established best-practice with Thycotic's own specialist experience on the front-lines of Privileged Account Management. In a single document, you get practical, actionable guidance on handling a cyberattack from discovery to eradication.

The template also includes a short, at-a-glance guide to industry-specific regulations and compliance standards, allowing you to tailor your response plan to the demands of standards like GDPR, and more.

Here's how this plan can help you:

Establish your customised, practical plan for response during a cyberattack.


Take the necessary steps to prevent cyberattacks from escalating.


Learn how to classify new threats to understand your risk level.


Respond faster and more effectively, without disrupting your operation.

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Why Choose Thycotic?

Thycotic is the leading provider of cloud-ready privilege management solutions.

Thycotic's security tools empower over 10,000 organisations, from small businesses to the Fortune 500, to limit privileged account risk, implement least privilege, control applications and demonstrate compliance.

Get your privileged account incident response plan template now and be prepared for the worst-case scenario
Privileged Account Incident Response Plan Template
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