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See what hackers have to say about your cyber security

What will I learn?
Learn why Windows 8 and 10 are still easily compromised, why Group Policy Objects don’t work, and what hackers think about least privilege.

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What's the problem?

In an endless cat-and-mouse game, businesses make costly decisions based on guesswork about future attacks. They need a way to get ahead – to become proactive – by understanding how hackers work, what they think about current security strategies, and the techniques they prefer.

Black Hat 2018 Hacker Survey Report

At the Black Hat Conference from August 4-9, 2018, privileged account management (PAM) and least privilege specialists, Thycotic surveyed over 300 White Hat and Black Hat hackers to create this year's Hacker Survey Report.

The report captures the hackers' perspective on Microsoft’s allegedly-improving security, social engineering, system configurations and much more. But, most importantly, it reveals that few businesses are implementing the kind of security that could really keep attackers out

Why a compromise of a user account is inevitable

Why operating systems are only as secure as the people using them

The one risky employee behaviour that hackers love

How Thycotic recommends responding to the survey’s findings

About Thycotic

The fastest growing provider of Privilege Management solutions, Thycotic secures more than 7,500 organisations worldwide including Fortune 500 enterprises - giving the company unique insight into the challenges enterprises are facing. Thycotic’s award-winning Privileged Account Management minimises risk, limits access, and controls applications on endpoints and servers.


See what hackers think your next cyber security step should be

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