Your Free Guide to PAM & Cyber Essentials

How PAM addresses the technical controls of Cyber Essentials certification


What will I learn from this free guide?

Get a useful summary of the five major pillars of Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus certification - then learn how Privileged Account Management (PAM) from Thycotic gives you the controls you need.

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Get your free guide to PAM & Cyber Essentials

In this free report from Thycotic, you'll find a convenient at-a-glance summary of major Cyber Essentials requirements, with details on how PAM solutions can help you meet them. You'll see why PAM has a role to play in every single area of Cyber Essentials - and how just one suite of products can dramatically accelerate your path to certification.

What will I learn from this PAM & Cyber Essentials guide?

About Thycotic

The fastest growing provider of Privilege Management solutions, Thycotic secures more than 7,500 organisations worldwide including Fortune 500 enterprises - giving the company unique insight into the challenges enterprises are facing. Thycotic’s award-winning Privileged Account Management minimises risk, limits access, and controls applications on endpoints and servers.


Access management is just the start

As you'd expect, Thycotic's suite of products address the challenges of user access control, bringing improved security and accountability to everything from workstation admin accounts to service accounts.

But PAM can go even further, supporting your Cyber Essentials efforts in all five technical control categories - firewalls, secure configurations, user access control, malware protection, and patch management.

What Cyber Essentials has to say about your privileged accounts

How Thycotic can help you overcome some of Cyber Essentials' biggest challenges

Why poor cyber security hygiene is leaving your business exposed

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